The Company

Who we are

Your creativity might have helped you to reach this wonderful position in your life, but to flourish further, you definitely need to understand the latest technologies emerging in this creative art field, for which you need a learning platform like us so that you could stay informed and up-to-date always.

Our Mission

Our mission is to fill the learning gap prevalent in the art field, especially to educate the artists on the advanced technologies relevant to this field so that using the knowledge obtained, any passionate artist can become the ruler of his/her profession satisfactorily!

Our Promise

  • Availability

We are here to preach the latest technology of art field and therefore, we ourselves have to be the pioneers of the technology, for which we adopt only the online method of teaching as it is not only convenient but also available anywhere, anytime indisputably!

  • Transparency

As much as our teachings are transparent, our operational policies are also transparent, where we are straightforward about our course fees that contain no hidden charges or extra fees at all whatsoever!

  • Inclusivity

An eager artistic mind is what we want with neither care nor concern of your geography, gender, race, language, ethnicity, yada yada as we strongly believe knowledge has no restrictions and so the teaching, which we are here to offer to anyone without any restrictions or limitations whatsoever!