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Updated 10 April 2010

I've been an on-and-off member of the Society for Technical Communications for nearly 40 years, working as a chapter board member, providing book reviews and presenting at local conferences. Now, in 2010, I decided not to renew -- 3 professional organizations are just too much to devote time to (my other two are IEEE and AIIM). So I'm "rebranding" this page, KFC-style, to simply TC (for "Technical Communications"). It still will deal with topics of interest to technical communicators and others but will also be the home of my presentations elsewhere, some coming up soon, some from long ago.

New TC material is in the following table.

Presentation about surviving the Information Glut, October 1994. Plus ca change! Beyond Boolean
Early article I wrote for "Desktop Communications," (now defunct), about SGML as a possible solution for interdocument compatibility. SGML lives on, but now as XML. Too bad XML isn't more widely used than just the Tech Comm community! Compatibility Connundrum

Items on the earlier STC page:

Be sure also to check out InterChange 1999 and 2000 presentations and handouts at the XML Technical Resource Center, or --if you prefer-- go directly to the InterChange Presentation and Handouts pages.

And if Enterprise Content Management is your schtick, go directly to my eContent-eMedia page where you'll see the whole set of columns and software reviews.

Book Reviews and only a sampling of early eMedia/eContent articles follow. For a complete list, go to my eContent page.

 Windows 95 Unleashed Good comprehensive guide to understanding and troubleshooting Windows95.
 Using HTML 4 The web keeps growing, but this book is still in style.
 Presenting XML  HTML is becoming an XML application. And uses for XML keep growing beyond mere web page delivery-- including data interchange and streaming multimedia. This book is a good place to get acquainted with XML.
Year 2000 Solutions for Dummies Here's one software deadline that can't slip. If you're late getting acquainted with Y2K, read this book and get cracking before the millenium dawns.
 Getting Started with Web Multimedia Introduction to web multimedia, with simple directions for building a Real streaming audio-visual slide show.
The CD-Now Story: Rags to Riches on the Internet. How two kids in a basement grabbed the on-line music business (on a $20,000 shoestring and the free use of their parents' basement). There's hope for all of us.
DreamWeaver 2 Bible Comprehensive, authoritative reference for DreamWeaver 2, the tool which is becoming the standard forweb authoring. However, this book is more an encyclopedia than a Bible. Read why.
Building Dynamic HTML GUIs Want to move your website beyond static brochure-ware? You need to understand the grammar of the web: Nouns, Verbs, and Adverbs/Adjectives.
Flash 4 Bible It isn't XML-compatible, but Flash is still taking the world by storm. Find out if this Bible can help you to decide whether or not to take the Flash plunge. (And --all in good time-- perhaps a FLASH HELP video, and even some other flashy stuff.)
The XSL Companion XSL, the next standard to learn after XML itself.
e-Video: Producing Internet Video as Broadband Technologies Converge Want an easy-to-read yet comprehensive introduction to web-delivered video? This book gets my 5-star rating.
Designing Better Web Sites: A Review of Web Site Design
So you've mastered Dreamweaver, FrontPage, or GoLive, and you're ready to begin building a new Web site or contributing to an existing site? Take a step back and consider web DESIGN issues.

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