Digital Drawing Basics

Although drawing using the digital approach is easier than the traditional way, there is no denying that it also requires some practice so that you could get adjusted with the relevant gadgets and tools that might be intimidating for you as a beginner! To ease your nervousness or the excitement, let us discuss certain basics of the digital drawing approach now.

  • Step 1

Having a drawing tablet makes your drawing process much simpler than using your mouse to record your drawings on a computer and therefore, if the digital drawing is your aspiration, do not hesitate to invest in a graphics tablet that could make your entire process less complicated.

  • Step 2

Once you have established the interface between your computer and your drawing tablet, it is time for you to get adjusted with its usage. Although your stylus pen acts like your conventional pencil/pen, it could be little different to get hold of initially, for which some practice is definitely needed. Start making some drawing movements and see how it gets displayed on your computer screen and slowly, stop viewing your drawing tablet and start concentrating only on your computer screen as you would get accustomed with the natural drawing movements using the tablet, without having to make any conscious hand movements at all!

  • Step 3

Doodling is a better way to begin your digital drawing actions as it allows you to comfortably settle with this drawing process and later, slowly start sketching and writing alternatively to completely overcome the blues of digital drawing.

  • Step 4

Once you are comfortable withstep 3, it is time for you to make simple drawings, such as simple figures and slowly, understand the software and its features to make intricate drawings, with which you would be gaining the adequate skill to master the digital drawing method, undoubtedly!