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Sigh... summer is over.

This is Bob Boeri’s website, version 2… the first major design upgrade since 1999. My intent remains:
  • Showcase my words and others' too
  • Share my photos and other resources
  • Manage privacy and avoid sharing information with social sites like FaceBook to maximize privacy. No need to "Like" anything here. Just visiting is "Like" enough.
I also love photographing flowers, so on my legacy pages you'll see a different picture at the top right of most pages.

(more details if you want them, including explanation of "Legacy" pages…)

NEW and Recent:

30 September 2015 -
Clickable list of eContent Magazine "Info Insider" columns.

10 January 2014 - January 2015:

15 November 2014: Added link to scans of
Antique WHS documents, which were in my original (Legacy) site but not available in this new site until now.

12 September 2014: Created a new blog about my memories growing up in a small town from the late '40s to the mid '60s: Whitefield. One of three blogs
described here. Or go to this new blog directly.

9 September 2014: Published the
first of a series of blogs about my experiences planning and getting rooftop solar panels. Updated as I learn more.

Travel Notes, Photo Albums, and other things, updates periodically.

DOWNSIZING, with links to items for sale or free. Updated as I work through the business of downsizing.
Something not working? Let me know via email.